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Monologic Games
Based in Mikołów, Poland
Release date:
Oculus PC: December 17th @ 10AM Pacific Time
Steam VR: 2021 Q1
Oculus Quest: 2021 Q1/Q2
PSVR: 2021 Q1/Q2
Steam VR
Playstation VR
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Ven VR Adventure is a rich platform and exploration game made for virtual reality from the ground up.

Your mission is to help Ven, a local form of life, save his brethren and face various threats that await you on your journey. The story is set on a faraway unknown planet, whose people have been attacked by intergalactic invaders. These invaders are looking for the source of youth and energy which can make them almost immortal.

Runes are the source of the entire life on Ven’s planet. They keep the planet’s inhabitants healthy and give them a long life. Young EKI have the most runes of all the beings on the planet, which is why they have been kidnapped so often. Thanks to runes everything is kept in balance. Because of the mining machines used by the invaders and due to kidnappings, this balance has been disturbed. It is now up to Ven to put everything right, get rid of invaders, find all the missing young ones, and defeat his arch-nemesis – Bruce Nelson. But he can’t do it without your help.

You play the game as an intergalactic police officer tracking Bruce Nelson, who invaded Ven’s planet. During the game you have to work closely with Ven to explore the planet, which he knows like the back of his hand. Some obstacles are too hard to deal with without your help – like game bosses who can be even 20 times bigger than Ven. There is also CONTROL – the source of all tactical information coming from your headquarters.

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  • Take on an adventure through a magical land 
  • Enter the world of Ven thanks to VR technology, where you can look around in every direction, lean forward/backward, and zoom in and out to enjoy an extraordinary immersion experience
  • Submerge yourself in a world of magic, invaded by machines and deadly enemies, full of traps and dangers
  • Save all of Ven’s little companions
  • Challenge yourself by trying to finish each level in a time trial mode and many other modes, comparing your performance against a global leaderboards
  • Perfect for players who are just starting their adventure with VR as well as those who are looking for challenge


Ven VR Adventure – Oculus Realase trailer | New 3D Platformer Game

About Monologic Games

Monologic Games is a small independent studio located in Mikołów, Poland. Established out of shared passions of developing games that can serve as an impact on the innovations in the field of virtual reality game development. Within each member of the studio, there is an inner fire of creativity. It’s what makes our games unique. We try to share knowledge and experience between ourselves every day  and transfer it to the quality of our games.

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