Monologic Games
Based in Mikołów, Poland

VRSO: Bare Knuckle Fighting – General Information

Release date

Q3/Q4 2023


Meta Quest, PSVR2, SteamVR

Key features

Physics-based realistic simulation, Photogrammetry, Extensive gore system, Motion capture animations, Singleplayer, Multiplayer



Press Kit 



press@monologic.games,  https://twitter.com/vrso_bkf 

Game Description 

VRSO stands for Virtual Reality Sport Organization. Our vision is to create highest quality sports game based on the physics simulation for the virtual reality. The first sports project we hope to pave the way for our future endeavors is VRSO: Bare Knuckle Fighting. If you want to be up-to-date with the state of the game’s progress, join our newsletter via discord: discord.gg/vrso-bkf



The game is set in a world of existing abandoned locations thanks to photogrammetry technology. It is based on the concept of a tournament with a backstory, where the player will have to beat 16 players to become the champion of the VRSO league. Each opponent has different skills and fighting style, and thus poses a different level of difficulty. 



A lot of emphasis is placed on the training mode, where the player is able to configure their opponent. This is an extremely useful option also for professionals, who will be able to decide how offensive or defensive the opponent is and set all the parameters of the opponent’s other features and behaviors – reflexes, speed, stamina, character and other.

All animations have been created using motion capture technology – in cooperation with professional fighters. As a result, our in-game opponents have all the necessary fighting skills – such as offensive and defensive movement, distraction, dodging, blocks, pivots, fades, attacks, combos.


In addition to the single player campaign, the game features an advanced multiplayer mode where players can compete according to their rank as well as directly with fellow gamers. The game features an extensive system of ranks, experience, and currency, which the player can use to customize and develop their character (in terms of its appearance only). 

Monologic Games

Monologic Games is a small independent studio based in Mikołów, Poland. The company’s most recent successful project is Ven VR Adventure, which premiered on the Oculus Quest platform in 2021. After releasing a game with cartoon graphics, we focused on photorealism for Quest headsets, and that’s how our next project – VRSO: Bare Knuckle Fighting – came into being. The people who make our studio what it is are highly passionate about creating VR games and, at the same time, strive to push the boundaries of the visual aspects and of the gameplay for VR.


Monologic Games press kit based on presskit() by Rami Ismail (Vlambeer)

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